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DAT series AC servo driver including DAT2030C, DAT2050C and DAT2075C are developed with universal serial bus, absolute encoder interface, it is a brand new product which realizes real-time communication between the AC servo drivers and the CNC controller, and the accuracy of speed and position is improved remarkably. DAT series AC servo drivers are the best solution for CNC machines and other automation facilities.
With GSKLink universal serial bus, realizes remote servo debugging and real-time monitoring.
Use absolute encoder (BISS, 17bit/round, 12bit/round) as position feedback, not only improves the accuracy of speed and position, further more, CNC machines use CNC controller with GSKLink universal serial bus and DAT series AC servo drivers can be run without Zero Point Switches.
Max. frequency of position pulse is 1MHz, with 0.1um type CNC realizes 0.1um grade accuracy.
Realize speed advance control, which improves the dynamic response and reduces the following error.
Improves braking current and shorten braking time. Outer brake resistance is also acceptable to suit the high speed start and stop, and high inertia load.
Improves the power fail detecting and brake control, so the brake act faster when power fail.



Suitable motor Power (kW)
Oversize(mm)       (W×H×L)
Input power
3 phases AC 85%~110%)×220 V
50 Hz /60Hz
Speed Ratio
< ±0.01%
Speed frequency response
≤ ±0.005° when using 17bit absolute encoder
Control mode
Manual JOG run Inner speed Outer speed Position Zero set, etc.
Inner speed mode
4 speeds are defined by parameter, select speeds by input signals
Outer speed mode
2 kinds of outer speed orders: -10V~+10V analog voltage dictates speed and direction 0V~+10V analog voltage dictates speed, direction selected by input signal
Position control
Input mode
pulse + direction CCW pulse/ CW pulse 2 phases A/B quadrature pulse
Max. pulse frequency: 1MHz; Electric gear ratio 1/32767~32767
Position feedback input
uses 17bit/round, 12bit/round absolute encoder with power failure memory, BISS bus interface.
DAT2075C is compatible with incremental encoder, A/B/Z/U/V/W differential signal, 5000 lines
GSKLink bus interface
1Mbps differential universal serial bus, position, speed, I/O status, parameter real-time transmission, etc.
Control input
servo enable alarm release CCW drive forbid CW drive forbid Zero SPD warp counter cleanup/ speed select 1 dictate pulse forbid/speed select 2 CCW torque limit CW torque limit General input, etc.
Control output
servo prepared output servo alarm output positioned output/ speeded output Brake release output Zero output General output  Z axis pulse feedback output, etc.
Protection function
Overspeed, main power overvoltage/ undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, brake abnormity, encoder singularity, control power unconventionality, position warp, etc
Display, operation
4 keys can be use for Manual, JOG and parameter editing, setting, input, and backup, etc.
6bits LED, displays speed, current position, command pulse accumulation, position deviation, motor torque, motor current, rotor absolute position, input and output signal status, etc.
Brake mode
Dynamic braking, inner brake resistance, optional outer brake


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